Queens Chronicle:

Astoria residents Margarita Dominguez and Fernando Nelson (aka Fernello) use brains, beauty and talent to promote brands and liven up parties.

The gig: body painting.

“We have fun. We’re artistic, creative and it’s our passion. That’s why it will be successful,” Dominguez said.

The twosome created their body art and marketing enterprise under Dominguez’s all encompassing company, World of Margarita, which promotes her as a model, marketing extraordinaire, professional pianist, fitness guru and actress.

Booked through worldofmargarita.com, Fernello paints Dominguez and sometimes other models for promotional events for companies such as Red Bull and Corona, for nonprofit fundraisers for the Wounded Warrior and breast cancer awareness and for private birthday parties.

Originally posted by Cris Zimermann on April 29, 2013 in Ideas.


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