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Tornado 2

I just read an article about how a Delaware man and his family have opened a restaurant to sell “Tornado Fries” in their resort community.

I’ve never heard of the food, so I did some research. According the article, tornado fries are deep-fried potatoes-on-a-stick that were featured on the Food Network series “Unwrapped.”

I found a couple videos, including the episode of Unwrapped that featured the fries.

This video, in English, from Japan highlights a number of machines that can create the tornado fries.

Finally, I found TornadoFries.com, who explains the food thusly:

A Tornado Fry is our own creation made by hand selecting the freshest Idaho russet potatoes, cutting them in to a one-piece thin spiral on an 18 or 26 inch skewer, cooking them in 100% canola oil until they are crispy outside and tender inside and seasoning them to perfection.

Tornado Fries


TornadoFries.com has a licensing program if you’d like to get into the business. The license costs $3,995 + $200 per month.

For this license fee you receive:

  1. One (1) restaurant grade heavy duty Tornado Fries® cutting machine.
  2. One thousand five hundred (1,500) 18” skewers.
  3. Five hundred (500) 26” skewers.
  4. One (1) Original Schmutz® seasoning 16oz shaker.
  5. One (1) Barbecue seasoning 16oz shaker.
  6. One (1) Old Bay® seasoning 16oz shaker.
  7. One (1) Butter seasoning 16oz shaker.
  8. One (1) Adobo® seasoning 16oz shaker.
  9. One (1) Cheddar Cheese seasoning 16oz shaker.
  10. One (1) Salt & Vinegar seasoning 16oz shaker.
  11. One (1) Nacho Cheese seasoning 16oz shaker.
  12. One (1) Parmesan Garlic seasoning 16oz shaker.
  13. One (1) Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper seasoning 16oz shaker.
  14. One 120”x28” Tornado Fries® promotional banners.
  15. One 120”x12” Tornado Fries® promotional banners.
  16. Ten Tornado Fries® t-shirts.
  17. Partner listing on Tornado Fries® website.
  18. Access to training, marketing products, supplies and equipment via partner web area access.

For the monthly fee you’ll receive:

  1. Rights to use the trademarked name Tornado Fries® for all aspects of your store.
  2. Tornado Fries® cutting machine service contract. Free expedited repair or replacement.
  3. Discounted supplies purchasing.
  4. A page on our website www.tornadofries.com for your local store which can be accessed directly from the internet, (for example www.tornadofries.com/northdallas). There are many advantages to this such as enhanced browser search returns, location finding, and centralized information.
  5. Access to reseller program.
  6. Signage art and specification options for several different exterior signage formats. Use this art to purchase your own sign locally if you desire.
  7. Access to FREE art downloads of dozens of copyrighted sales and marketing collaterals such as newspaper ads, take-ones, direct mailers, window signs, posters, etc. You download this camera-ready art
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Originally posted by Dane Carlson on July 25, 2013 in Biz Ops / Profiles.


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