Germany Dog Washer

Germans may have been a little slow in discovering the higher art of dog grooming, but after TV pet psychologists and canine spas, a dog wash has become the latest rage.

Lars Schütze has conveniently located Germany’s first “dog wash” next to the car wash he already operates. He said he’s hoping that his motorized customers will bring along their four-legged friends for a quick rub-down in the future.

At a cost of 4.90 euros ($6.30), dog owners can cover their canines with foam, shower them and dry them — all while waiting for their car to be cleaned.

“That’s not expensive, considering that you usually have to wash your dog at home and spend half an hour cleaning the bathroom afterwards,” Schütze told reporters on Thursday at his car-canine-cleaning-center near Hamburg’s Reeperbahn red light district.

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