A-Maze Pill Dispenser Invention

Isle of Man Today:

It’s often the simplest inventions that are the most brilliant.

Talented design and technology student Amy Lowe, 18, has proved that with an idea that could really make a difference to those children who have to take oral medication on a daily basis.

Amy’s design for her innovative A-Maze pill dispenser won her the Best of the Best award in this year’s ACE (Awareness of Careers in Engineering) Project.

And now major island-based engineering firm Strix has agreed to fund the European Design Registration of her design. Its patent attorneys, Dehns, have also agreed to support this by waiving their fees for the application – assistance worth nearly £2,000 and which should protect Amy’s design for 25 years and allow her to commercialise it, should she wish to do so.

Amy, who is heading off to the University of Dundee this week to embark on a degree in product design, came up with the idea for the A-Maze pill dispenser for her A Level Design and Technology project at Castle Rushen High School. She secured an A* in that subject plus two Bs in her A level results.

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