What is T3Leads?

A reader asked:

How does a site like T3Leads work, and how can I use it to make money?

T3Leads is a six year old lead generation and affiliate marketing company based in Encino, CA. In a nutshell, they pay people to generate leads for a variety of different markets, including payday loans, auto loans and insurance, which they then turn around and sell to their merchant partners.

The leads are captured via lead generation websites like www.ineedcash.co.uk, www.fastloanspot.com or www.fastloanspot.com, so you as an individual only need drive potential leads from your website to theirs. Perhaps you could run a blog or forum about cash advances, and then instead of using Google Adsense or other advertising program, you’d advertise banners linking to your own lead generation sites.

According to the company, payouts for payday loan leads can be as much as $150 per lead, and as long as your not generating fraudulent traffic or leads, they’re very unlikely not to allow you into their program. They also work under the principle that the best way to retain customers is to pay them the most, so T3 plans to always pay more than Google.

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