Even The Snowman Has Been Patented

Making a snowman seems simple enough. You roll the balls of snow around until they are the size you want, and you stack them. Once they’re stacked, decorate your new snowman as you see fit. However, one inventor has decided his frosty deserves to be patented.

In the patent application Ignacio Marc Asperas from Melville, New York included a warning: “The following is not a joke patent. It’s completely serious and is a serious undertaking to obtain a patent.

“Making a snow man is hard work. As an old pro I know what a pain in the back it is to roll a snow boulder around the yard. As the snow boulder grows it gets exponentially difficult, so if you want to make a real big snow man like me you wind up breaking your back.”

He said he was surprised he could not find an existing patent relating to creating a snowman.

“Unbelievable since it is so much fun and considering the effort involved. But if no one has thought of it, well, no one has thought of it.”

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