Credit Card Tipping Invention

NYU Washington Square News:

Tipping is now possible with the swipe of a credit card, thanks to a new machine called DipJar, which resembles a traditional tip jar.

DipJar co-founder and CEO Ryder Kessler was inspired while observing the crew of his coffee shop on a busy day in 2008. According to Kessler, his employees told him the benefit of receiving tips at the end of the day was challenged by many customers who pay with a card and not cash.

“I wondered why there wasn’t a tip jar for credit and debit cards. A way for customers paying for their morning latte with a credit card to leave a $1 tip just as easily as someone paying with cash,” Kessler said. “That’s when the initial idea for DipJar was born.”

In summer 2012, Kessler and his brother, Judd, designed the product and introduced it to a few New York City coffee shops. Before releasing the pilot DipJars, Kessler said they spoke to retailers about their ideas.

“It hasn’t been a very hard sell,” he said. “Retailers like the idea that their employees can take home more money at no cost to them.”

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