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There are a great many reasons to look into expanding a business these days, and one visit to michaelpage.com is enough to convince you that recruiting the best individuals will prove to be one of the more straightforward processes of all. Opening up a whole new market can sometimes be a gamble, but it’s reassuring to know that one aspect at least can prove easy.

And if your company is already established in the Far East and is looking to recruit the best, it makes sense to use an agency which has a pedigree of attracting the finest. In truth, many directors and CEOs fail to realise just how important it is to have highly-skilled specialists in key positions, but this really can make or break an organisation in the modern marketplace.

Understanding the need to attract the very best is crucial, in part because there are only so many potential employees who have the required skills to out-perform their contemporaries at rival organisations. The brutal truth is that any company which is simply making do with adequate team members, rather than exceptional ones, will soon be left behind.

Attracting the best businesses as well as the best people

In recent years, the expanding markets in locations such as Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia have attracted a great many international businesses. Major players in industry sectors such as aerospace, banking, insurance and telecommunications have established bases in the region, making recruitment a vital aspect of business life.

With so many attractive opportunities open to specialist employees with the best qualifications, the finest experience and the necessary skill-set, the individuals who have the most to offer will often have a choice of options when they decide to switch positions. For potential employers, finding these men and women is a hugely important task.

For some newcomers, the experience of living and working in Taiwan can represent something of a dizzying experience, especially during the first weeks and months. The truth is, however, that it can also be great fun, and for the vast majority of people it ends up being a life-changing journey, one which they enjoy more and more as time goes by.

Everyday life in Taiwan is always a pleasing combination of ancient tradition and super-cool modernity, with many of the larger organisations offering a working environment which is simply superb. Bright, modern offices featuring everything you need to get the job done well are the norm here, so be prepared to savour every moment of the experience.

For business owners, there are a great many benefits to heading east. The market is a thriving one, offering opportunities locally as well as globally, and the work ethic in this part of the world is exceptionally strong. Many companies which opened bases in Taiwan in recent years were pleasantly surprised at the speed of their successes.

Starting a business in Taiwan makes sense on many levels, as long as you are prepared to work hard and recruit the right people. In one of the most impressive of international marketplaces, square pegs in square holes will always work well.

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Originally posted by Dane Carlson on December 5, 2013 in Guest Posts.


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