Invention: A Trailer To Transport Mini-Diggers More Safely

Manchester Evening News:

The boss of a plant hire firm has invented a new kind of trailer to transport mini-diggers more safely.

Scotts Plant Hire owner Martin Smithson was inspired to design the DigaDoc by a number of accidents in which mini-diggers have fallen from trailers while being moved, causing serious injuries and even fatalities.

Scotts has a fleet of small excavators, which it supplies to customers across the north west and west Midlands.

Mr Smithson’s patented system for the DigaDoc trailer secures a digger’s tracks under two cowlings, locking them in place. A connector on the end of the digger’s arm – normally used to attach the arm to the digging bucket – locks the digger to the trailer.

If the digger is not parked in the right place on the DigaDoc trailer, then the ramp at the rear cannot be raised and the trailer cannot be moved.

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