SOS ‘Life Saver’ Bike Helmet

Hindu Business Line:

The brainchild of an India-born chef for top cyclists, a new ‘life saver’ bike helmet that connects with your phone and alerts emergency services in case of an accident, is set to hit the markets soon.

The potentially life saving smartphone app, which can detect a crash and then alert the emergency services, has been designed for bike riders.

The clever application pairs through Bluetooth with a motion detector which is attached to the rider’s helmet and senses the crash.

The invention has been created by Oklahoma-based software company ICEdot in the US.

The detector, named the ICEdot Crash Sensor, can even evaluate the severity of the crash depending on the force of the rider’s fall, the Daily Mail reported.

Chris Zenthoefer, ICEdot’s CEO, said, “The idea came from Biju Thomas, a prominent chef for a lot of top cyclists. He was on a solo ride and crashed and thought if the crash had been any worse, nobody would have known where he was located.”

“We were then introduced and it became clear that the pairing of his idea with ICEdot existing technology were a perfect match,” Chris Zenthoefer added.

Following an accident the app will prompt the phone to sound an alarm and a countdown, which can be set to between 15 and 60 seconds, is initiated.

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