Mom Turns Idea Into Biz

It’s safe to say Mary Kay Russell has been busy the last few years. As the mother of four boys, ranging in age from eight to sixteen, she has also created and launched an innovative new line of children’s and family self-expression games into the marketplace. She says at the age of forty-nine, she’s even surprised herself with the level of energy she’s had for the task. But her success is no wonder—her journey has been smart and thoughtful, with extensive research, grassroots web marketing, and a savvy resourcefulness guiding her way. And she also proves it doesn’t take a college degree to be a business success. In her interview with Mom Inventors, she shares many of her strategies—and her struggles—as she plans to take her business to the next level. Here is her story:

Q: Describe your company and your product (or product line).
A: Kubit2me, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes the Kubit2me line of self-expression games, which launched in the fall of 2007. The three editions of Kubit2me games (Lil’ Scholars,Truth or Dare and Now You’re Talkin’) are designed to entertain all ages and demographics as well as encourage positive social interaction, trust and empathy. Its fun and fuzzy cube design connects kids and adults through socially charged, small or large group games that actually toss thought-provoking, and sometimes silly, questions from player to player. Recently awarded 2008 Game of the Year by Creative Child Magazine, Kubit2me games open up lines of communication while breaking down walls and barriers.

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