A Honey You Can Hold

Honey Hold

John Rowe’s company Island Abbey Foods sells an entire lineup of freeze-dried honey products.

Like many honey lovers, he found himself wishing one of his favourite food wasn’t always so sticky and messy. He was particularly upset when a jar of honey he had carefully packed for a camping trip broke in his knapsack and produced a mess.

Most of us probably would have said that was a life lesson about how to store honey and moved on. For the engineer from rural PEI, it became a challenge to be overcome that he quickly turned into a business opportunity.

It took him almost 10 years of research, but by 2008 the era of sticky honey was over as far as he was concerned. He developed a now patented process for a dried, non-sticky honey that could easily be carried in a pocket or purse – two places no honey had ever gone before, at least not intentionally.


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