Making Beetroot Juice “Unbeetable”


St. Augustine Record:

For Craig Van Horn, the conundrum of trying to stomach something with proven health benefits but not the most appealing taste has turned into a business opportunity.

Van Horn and his partners launched a company called Unbeetable that sells a drink made predominantly of beetroot juice — a substance that excites the palates of few Americans.

Until developing his company’s product, Unbeetable Performance Drink, Van Horn was no fan of the juice himself.

“I did not like beets,” he said. “I went and bought a competitor’s product and almost threw up.”

But when he got involved with a group that could make a beverage that had all the health benefits of other beetroot juice drinks while tasting like something people would want to drink, Van Horn was sold.

You can get yourself a sample of Unbeetable on Amazon.

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