A New Look for Clintons

Back in 2012, Clinton Cards was just one of the many high street names which looked as if it was on the verge of disappearing for ever.


The 21st Century Single Person Sawmill

If you had asked Gary McInturf a few years ago if he would ever take up sawing lumber for side income, he would have called you crazy.


The Business of Aerial Photography

Sitting in the corner of Lodi Airport Cafe, pilot Ken Cantrell sips a coffee and glances over his shoulder as flights come and go from the commuter airport.


Caps Seal in Soda-Can Freshness

That’s what led Russell Reed of Tupelo, MS, and his wife Donna, to come up with the idea of the “Flavor Savor” cap: a reusable plastic cap that snaps on a can of soda or any bubbly beverage, saving the carbonation and flavor for up to 36 hours.


The Business Of Bronze

Nichols Bronze started in Kansas City, Mo in 1968.


Doing Laundry for Everyone Else

Most mothers of two active grade-schoolers dread laundry day.


Giving The Gift Of Personalized Chocolate

Tasty Image has an absolutely unique and revolutionary, personalized confectionery product.   It is based on an innovative chocolate printing technology that enables you to reproduce any custom image, picture or text on any type of edible medium (chocolate, cookies etc.).


Book Store Goes to the Dogs

It was in 1986 when Charlene Woodward saw the need for a retailer in Seattle that catered to customers looking for unusual books.


Niche: Facebook Insurance

First it was Swiss Life, now AXA has joined the party.

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