Are Your Employees A Fan Of Your Brand?

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Have you ever heard someone say that the company that they work for is boring? In truth, there are no ‘boring’ industries, perhaps just poor implementations. Any company can be vibrant and forward-thinking, even those who sell toothbrushes or do accountancy. The companies that realize this are much more likely to have passionate employees, and this means more fans of the brand – something that is vital for success. Not only does it mean that they will want to buy from you, but they will also tell others about you, meaning you could make more sales and attract star employees.

If you are trying to figure out how to make your own company more appealing to employees, it might be worth you reading the following tips and suggestions…

Give staff discounts

Everyone loves a sale, so give your employees the chance to buy things from you with a permanent staff discount. This makes more sense for a B2C company, but there is no reason that B2B firms cannot find a suitable alternative. So whether you provide insurance policies, or sell holidays, leather boots or double-glazed windows, there will be some members of staff that will love the opportunity to save some cash.

Get professional assistance

Another option is to look at getting professional assistance in order to improve your employees’ perspective on your brand and how they perform duties within the business. There are companies who can show you why adopting a brand engagement strategy can be worthwhile. Just some of the end results can be a deeper brand engagement, better reputation and increased performance.

Decorate the workspace

Sometimes all you need to do is to improve the actual working environment to get people on board. This is especially true in an age where cool office spaces attract publicity and media attention; people might think they are better off someplace else. So banish your white walls and sterile spaces; choose to inject a bit of life into your company by showing off your brand to its full potential. You can come up with ideas internally, or get in a creative agency to show you what brilliant concepts they have that could totally change the space.

Encourage social media use

Many employee contracts state that computers must not be used for social media, but we live in the age of communications via the internet. Therefore it makes sense to do a total U-turn and get employees to tweet in association with your business. You will need to create a list of do’s and don’ts, but imagine how wide your reach could be. Whether you let people use their personal accounts or you create a specific work one, Twitter and LinkedIn could be the best sites for you to get involved in, with Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus following close behind.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful for you over the coming weeks and months; you should soon start to notice a change in the attitudes of your employees. Good luck!

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