Back Up Vehicles Made Easy

Bismarck Tribune:

Larry Mosbrucker fell from a semi and broke both his heels in 2004. After his accident, working in agriculture became much harder and he wanted to make things safer and easier for others in the industry.

Mosbrucker invented StopSensor as part of the North Dakota Department of Commerce’s InnovateND competition. StopSensor uses a laser and reflectors to help farmers line up grain trailers for loading and unloading.

When farmers are positioning a trailer over a grain hopper for unloading or under an auger for loading, they have to jump in and out of the truck cab to line it up. Mosbrucker said many people have to get in and out at least three times. Four or five times is more likely.

“Working 18-hour days at harvest time, it gets old really quick,” Mosbrucker said.

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