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She Invented Antibacterial Hand Grips

If you spend much time at the gym, you can probably guess the number of germs being passed from person to equipment and back to another person.

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Launching A Business That Docks Boats

Though he had worries similar to most unemployed people, such as how to pay for his mortgage and health insurance, he said the situation gave him “a unique opportunity.”

He decided to be an entrepreneur and come up with a made-in-America product that could be patented and could compete globally.


Casting for Police Lineups

He is one of New York’s busiest casting directors, yet very few know of his work.


Grave Groomers

As Daniel Felkins’ grandmother approached the age of 90, she realized that she needed help doing things she had once done herself.


Remote Control Snow Plow

The Roboplow is a remote controlled snow plowing machine.


Niche Biz: Dead Mouse Shortage

At this time last year, the price of a frozen, euthanized mouse was 45 cents.


Auto Targeting Rifle

At CES 2013, thanks to a company called TrackingPoint, hunting rifles can now be considered a piece of consumer electronics.


KoiPondFever Helps Keep Ponds Running

KoiPondFever.com is an online pond supply store specializing in koi pond supplies and koi food.


Woman Sold GPS Coordinates of Ex-Boyfriend’s Fishing Spot

There is no better cure for a breakup than treating yourself to some lovely jewellery, and that is exactly what a Waikato teacher did after selling her ex-boyfriend’s most prized possession.


Today in Entrepreneurial History: January 14

Immediately after visiting the San Bernardino store, Ray became convinced that he could sell mixers to every new franchise restaurant that they opened, and so he offered his services to the McDonald brothers who were looking for a new franchising agent following the departure of agent Bill Tansey due to health issues.

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