The Rise and Fall of Desserts by David Glass OR: How NOT to Run Your Small Business

The Rise and Fall of Desserts

In a thinly veiled ode to food, David Glass tells the story of a small dessert company focused on making only the most exquisite cakes, how this company flirted with disaster from the very beginning, and how its loyal customers have kept it alive in its many reincarnations.

Classic business dilemmas, like trading quality for more profits, were always resolved in favor of quality.

Guerrilla marketing, even before it was so named, was the default method of attracting publicity.
But it was the quality- the best ingredients, the unique flavors, and the absolute deliciousness- that convinced customers to buy the cakes year after year, decade after decade.

Sadly, Desserts by David Glass went out of business; but Vivie and David are still selling some of their delectable treats to a smaller audience.

So follow the very earliest rumblings that led to the creation of this business, through endless culinary experiments (desserts and non-desserts), up to the denouement that was the end of the company, and on to the next reincarnation.

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