CitizenShipper: The eBay of Shipping


Is the Postal Service too pricey to send your porta-potties to Peoria? Fex Ex won’t fly your fluoride to Farmersburg? That means its time to turn to The Texas based company is the eBay of the Interstate, matching products that need to be shipped with over the road truckers and drivers who have extra room in the back and are headed in the right direction.

38,000 people around the U.S. are now using CitizenShipper to ship their stuff and the four year old company is so successful it recently expanded into Canada. Founder Richard Obousy says the concept is simple: use the power of the Internet and social media to find drivers and truckers already heading in the right direction to take your product along for the ride. It helps truckers make some extra money and helps people ship items that are too bulky, too large, or that bark too loudly for traditional freight haulers to handle them. “Pets are one of the most commonly shipped items on the site,” Obousy said.

CitizenShipper uses its online platform as an auction center where truckers and shippers can submit bids for transportation services. As an added payoff, Obousy says, the site helps cut down on the use of fuel and on pollution since the trucks aren’t making extra trips to ship the items.

The site is ready to explode and is poised to become the shipper of choice for individuals who want to send the occasional item, and for small businesses looking to maximize their reach while minimizing their transportation costs.

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