How to Get My Invention into Home Shopping TV

A reader wrote:

Do you know of a company that help get my invention onto a home shopping television channel?

Excellent timing. I just spoke with Drew Nugent of Fathom It Distributing about his company yesterday.


Fathom It Distributing is a marketing and distribution company that specializes in identifying, developing, marketing, and distributing new innovative consumer products. Our primary marketing and distribution channels are through: Direct Response Television Companies, HSN and QVC television shopping networks, and Major Retailers such as Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Walgreens, CVS, and more .

What they do:

Fathom It Distributing develops and markets a select unique collection of consumer products through a wide range of distribution channels. Through our industry partners we have the resources necessary to take a product from idea to international distribution. Our passion is to have the most innovative and recognized products in their categories, while maximizing quality and product value for the consumer.

They are currently helping the inventors of the Water Jet, Shark Pack, X Hose and more.

Their services for inventors include:

  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Patents and trademarks
  • Licensing and Joint Ventures
  • Product prototyping
  • Factory sourcing and manufacturing
  • Package Design
  • Sales & Marketing

For more information please visit

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