Finger Free Denture Removal

As anyone with dentures will know, removing them can be a gooey, drool-filled experience. Brian Williams felt there had to be a better way reports

The 34-year-old Decatur man is the creator of the 3-in-1 Dental Tool, a blue plastic tool about the same length as a disposable razor, with a scooped end. It’s used to remove and clean dentures and adhesive.

Williams wears dentures himself, and when he first got them, he tried following the instructions for removing them and found it almost impossible. The adhesive worked too well. Trying to use his fingers to pry the dentures loose made him gag.

“I was issued directions and a sample of the Fixodent,” he said. “I started thinking: I can’t do this every single day of my life. It wasn’t working.”

He made the first one out of two plastic forks, by melting and shaping them. It was rough, he said, but it worked. He’d already searched local shops and the Internet trying to find something to use.

“That’s when I went to family and friends, and they said it was a viable product,” he said. “They all knew someone who could use the product. They invested in it, and without them, I wouldn’t be here.”

Photo by sander_123

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