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Hero cta as Seen on Shark Tank

A reader wrote:

Dane, Tonight, I’ll be swimming with the “Sharks” — on ABC’s hit TV show “Shark Tank.”

I’m a former Navy SEAL, Harvard Business School graduate and the developer of FitDeck — a set of playing cards that brings the exercises of elite soldiers in the field to your living room. And with FitDeck now taking a big leap into the digital world by expanding FitDeck Mobile, it’s clear that no equipment — or gym membership — is required to get fit.

At 9 p.m. Eastern, I’ll pitch the Sharks on FitDeck and prove that my custom deck-of-cards workout and its digital companion are not only good for the waistline — they’re good business, too. I hope you’ll tune in!

I’ve included a press release on tonight’s show below.

Thanks for sending this over Phil!

Tonight, former Navy SEAL Phil Black will appear on televisions worldwide to swim with the “Sharks” — pitching them his custom deck of workout cards — and its latest digital initiative — on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank.”

“After surviving Navy SEAL Hell Week, I thought I’d be able to face the high-pressure atmosphere of ‘Shark Tank,’” said Black. “But knowing that more than 9 million people could be watching, my adrenaline was certainly pumping.”

On the show, Black — a San Diego entrepreneur and Ivy League graduate — will demonstrate that his FitDecks are the total fitness package, delivering “high-performance” results at minimal cost. And by expanding into the digital realm, Black anticipates reaching a wider audience of fitness fanatics — with workouts readily available on their phones. Will the Sharks “bite” on his pitch — and invest in his company?

FitDecks are designed to help people of all ages and fitness backgrounds take their fitness training to a higher level, with titles ranging from FitDeck CrossTrain to FitDeck Yoga.

“Staying fit is difficult. There are so many obstacles and costs associated with leading a health-conscious lifestyle,” said Black. “But with FitDeck, any person who wants to become healthier can do so — with the simple shuffle of the deck.”

FitDecks come in two sizes — a 56-card deck and a 26-card Booster deck. Some FitDecks require no equipment; others call for minimal equipment. Users can mix and match the different decks to create millions of unique workouts. Cards are color-coded by muscle group and offer three different levels for beginner, intermediate, and advanced individuals. FitDeck Mobile allows users to add their favorite FitDecks to their mobile devices — which means most fans will never leave home without their workout in-hand again.

The 56-card FitDecks and 26-card Boosters retail for $14.95 and $9.95, respectively, at www.fitdeck.com. And a variety of mobile versions are now available on iTunes. For more information about Phil Black and FitDeck, please visit www.fitdeck.com or call Phil Black directly at (858) 453-6644.

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Originally posted by Dane Carlson on January 24, 2014 in Ideas.


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