A Great Idea: The Shower-Washable Suit

Though it does seem crazy at first, this shower-washable suit from Konaka doesn’t require ironing and air dries in just two hours. The suit is currently only available in Japan, but if you’re the first seller to bring these suits to eBay, you’d make a bundle.

The Independent has more:

The suit, made under licence in Japan, is the first to pull off a long-sought coup that could spell the end of dry-cleaning bills for white-collar workers.

It is billed as the first two-piece that can be washed in the shower each evening and be ready to wear again in the morning — with no ironing required. And amazingly, after a rigorous road test, it appears to fulfil that pledge.

Konaka, a Japanese menswear retailer, and Australian Wool Innovation Ltd devised the suit as a solution to the problem of long, hot, sticky summers during which salarymen have to remain fully suited and booted. The lightweight woollen suit, made using a fabric blend that includes polyester, has two special finishes that help it to maintain its shape.

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