Niche Biz: A Nap Store

Radley Balko on Hit & Run has an excellent idea: a nap store.

He explains:

I’ve envisioned my nap shop franchises strategically placed in shopping malls, tourist areas, and next to all-you-can-eat buffets and Cheesecake Factories. A customer walks in, and for $20 or so, gets a cozy room for 60-90 minutes of interruption-free snoozing. Deluxe stores might even have themed rooms. Think the “fireplace” nap. Or the “rainy day nap,” with piped in audio of say, rain drops bouncing off the tin roof of a carport. There’s the “beach nap,” the “hammock nap,” the “couch with a baseball game on in the background” nap–the possibilities are endless.

Photo by Photo by The Library of Congres..

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