Spin Mail: The Mailbox That Pivots

Ever wonder about your safety while stepping out on the side of a busy road to remove your mail from the mailbox? Spin Mail has created a simple solution by making it easy for you to turn your mailbox around to face you, without you having to step out near traffic.

Reed Holmes of Chester, NJ, was in the fifth grade when he decided to take on solving a perennial problem – the frequent loss of his family’s mailbox to passing snow plows – as his project for a class assignment on inventing. The result of his creative thinking was brilliantly simple and economical: a mounting bracket that uses an inclined turntable to allow the mailbox to be turned completely around, then automatically returns it to its original position.

When Reed and his dad Keith Holmes, co-owner of the popular Redwoods Grill and Bar in Chester, installed the first prototype on the family’s mailbox, they quickly recognized that the device provided an even more important safety benefit. The rotating bracket allowed them to get the mail without going into the street. They simply turned the mailbox around, removed the mail and released to swing back into its regular position facing the street.

And the newly installed SpinMail bracket also fulfilled its original purpose equally well. Since installing it, the family’s mailbox has survived three winters without any snow plow damage.

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