Learning Lessons In Gardening

It is relatively safe to say that many people do not have a natural talent for gardening. However, Sue Goetz does. Like many entrepreneurs before her, Sue took advantage of her talent and found a way to make money through it. According to Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal, she is a garden designer, coach, garden writer, and consultant. Much of her work has been rolled into one source, The Creative Gardener.

[Goetz] had owned a garden store in Idaho for five years and while working for other companies after her move to Washington, she missed the independence.

“When you’re self-employed, there’s moments when you wish someone else paid the taxes and did payroll, but then you miss (having a business),” she says.

Goetz coaches both beginning gardeners who need help getting started and experienced ones who are looking for new ideas for their spaces. “What I like the best is watching people get excited about their gardens. When I work with them, people get excited and they blossom in their gardens,” she says.

She also designs gardens, offers lectures and writes gardening articles, which is another way of sharing her passion. She says being excited about the work is important for a business owner. “If you’re going to be self-employed, it’s valuable to choose a passion and figure out how that passion will make money,” she says. “If you can figure out how your passion turns around into a business, that’s when it clicks,” she says.

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