Self-Publishing Your Own Book is the New Business Card

Typewriter my Book

Following up on my posts last week about business cards, according to James Altucher, if you self publish your own book, you’ll stand out against those with only business cards and you’ll make more money:

If you’ve just given someone your business card then you failed. If you have a business card you might be about to fail. Nobody cares what’s on it. I throw out all business cards.

I’ve written before about self-publishing but more than the “why” and “how” (although I add more info about this below than I previously have) this post is why YOU NEED to self-publish if you are in business, a blogger, a writer, or in any profession (essentially all professions) where you want to stand out versus the competition. There is one window, right now, where you have the right combination of “easy to do”, “cheap”, and “nobody is doing it”. The key is the Era of Validation is over. Nobody needs to pick you. You pick yourself.

Photo based on one by Maitree Laipitaksin/ShutterStock.

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