Respirator Mask To Save Babies


Alejandro Palandjoglou was a student at Stanford’s design school when he first learned about Bubble CPAP. As part of a course called Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability, the Argentinian designer was invited to a rural Bangladeshi hospital to study the problem. Alongside his teammates David Janka, Neil Mehta, and Elizabeth Zambricki, Palandjoglou spent several weeks observing and talking with doctors about the issue, while the group ideated and sketched concepts for an improved nasal piece.

Their idea was to develop a flexible cup that could be adjusted via elastic straps, to fit faces of all ages. They christened the device AdaptAir. “Initially, I developed a large number of rough prototypes and had meetings with doctors to get their thoughts and reactions,” Palandjoglou tells Co.Design. “I’m a hands-on designer and love making prototypes in the shop.”

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