A 21st Century Chimney Sweep

Mary Poppins Chimney Sweep

A tree surgeon in the UK has discovered an upside to the rising energy costs; more of his customers are using the branches he trims to heat their homes. That sparked an idea: why not offer to clean their chimneys as well?

Weston Mercury:

Mr Drinkwater said: “My customers kept asking me if they knew a good chimney sweep, so I thought, ‘why not become one?”

I like stories like this, of someone discovering a need and filling it.

Before I lived in the country, I thought that chimney sweeps were an anachronism; something from Mary Poppins. But now, even with propane-powered central heat, we use the wood stove about 90% of the time to heat our home. A chimney sweep is just a normal part of our pre-winter preparations.

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