Putting Bugs on the Menu

Business Week:

World Entomophagy is one of a growing number of insect suppliers that promote bugs as food. For humans. Encouraged by media attention, TV shows like Fear Factor, and growing concerns about the threat of overpopulation to the food supply, Americans—at least a few—are warming to the idea. “In the past three years, interest in eating bugs has surged,” says David George Gordon, a chef and author of The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook. The number of U.S. chefs cooking insects has “probably tripled in the past five years,” he says, and new suppliers selling bugs primarily for human consumption, rather than as food for pet fish and reptiles, have popped up in the last two years. “A lot of people … call and ask if they can just buy the bugs in bulk because they want to add them to a stir-fry,” says Kathy Mitchell, marketing manager at Hotlix, a company that has long sold novelty bug products such as scorpion lollipops.

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