LTPGA: Golf is Not About Being Perfect


The Less Than Perfect Golfers Association is a group of a golfers who decided that it was time for an association of those who realize that the game of golf is supposed to be fun and a way to relax!

Golf has never been about being perfect, and yet so many think that they have to be and get way too frustrated when they aren’t. Walter Hagen said “Three bad shots and one good one still make a par” and “Golf is a game of recovery.” LTPGA members try to live by these pearls of wisdom when we play.

They were too often bombarded during their rounds by F-bombs and tirades from golfers on other fairways or tee boxes. One day they started talking about a great question: “I wonder how we could help people understand that all they were doing was upsetting to themselves and others.”

The LTPGA wants to grow to be something that helps all golfers learn to relax and take themselves a little less seriously. This will of course lead to a much more enjoyable time for everyone involved.

Join them, and admit it: you are a “Less Than Perfect Golfer.”

Video below.

You can also help fund them on Fundable.

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