Niche Biz: Breathable Food

Don’t like chewing? A company is currently working on making food that you can “breathe,” starting with their own energy product.

AeroShot, the flagship product of Breathable Foods, is revolutionizing the way people energize their lives. Using a small lipstick-sized tube, consumers puff in fine particles of caffeine and B vitamins, which are absorbed into the mouth and not into the lungs, providing a unique new way for consumers to get as little or as much energy as they need, when they need it. Edwards’ presentation at the NAE conference will provide independent clinical data demonstrating that the caffeine in AeroShot safely enters the bloodstream via ingestion at the same rate as energy drinks.

“AeroShot is a convenient and safe way to deliver not only caffeine and B vitamins, but also many micronutrients that are essential to human health and missing in the diet of the world’s least fortunate,” said Edwards.

Screenshot from Aeroshot Energy

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