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Understanding how to brand successfully is an ability that every profitable company will have, and one whose significance every aspiring enterprise should recognise. Most big companies will have an entire department devoted to this process, but you don’t require a specially allocated body of employees to make a positive, lasting impression with your clients. Here are some simple, cost-effective ways to make your mark.

  1. Vehicle advertising

Vehicle advertising is a useful, economical medium for advertising your business and promoting your brand message. It is not restricted to a particular location or demographic, so it provides your brand with the opportunity to reach an incalculably large market. There are many companies offering vehicle advertising packages, most of which include vehicle wrappings using your brand name and logo, colour changes and vehicle personalisation. Statistics suggest that consumers are 70% more likely to employ a company’s services if the appearance of their vehicles appeals to them.

  1. Clothing

You are already in possession of multiple assets which can be used to market your brand, primarily your company clothing. If your employees are delivering superior service, utilize their uniforms by branding them. Use imagery to remind customers that they work for you, thus enhancing your company’s reputation. Visit a retailer such as Brookes to buy high quality corporate work wear personalized to meet your requirements.

  1. Office interiors

If your business has an office, brand it. If you’re providing outstanding service, you want to reinforce the quality of your enterprise whenever contacts visit your headquarters. Branding the interior implies that you have pride in your business; that you want everyone to know who you are and recognize the work that you do. You can use branded floor mats to ensure that your brand is the first thing people see when they enter.

From here, consolidate the efficiency of your brand with small touches such as branded pens, paper, letterheads and office supplies.

Once you have your brand, you need to unleash it on the world. However brilliant a tool it is, it won’t profit your enterprise if nobody sees it. Like the best, most exquisitely constructed sword, it will not aid you in being victorious unless you wield it. Consider your brand as an asset; you want to put it to work and see how well clients respond to it. Ultimately you desire your brand to be immediately identifiable and for your target demographic to automatically associate it with your business. To establish that link and secure the benefits, you must make certain that it is visible: the more frequently a consumer sees a brand, the more familiar they become with it; and the more familiar consumers are with a brand, the more apt they are to employ its services and buy its products.

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Originally posted by Dane Carlson on February 27, 2014 in Guest Posts.


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