Just Another Day With the Birds


Times Leader:

A small sparrow flies across the parking lot of the Dallas Shopping Center, landing on a birdfeeder by the sidewalk. Above, more birds perch on a sign which reads, “Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop,” identifying the source of the birdseed.

Inside the small shop, customer Rick Fuhrer, of Blakeslee, chats about the feathered friends and other creatures in his own backyard while stocking up on peanuts “to keep the blue jays happy.”

While his bill is totaled, Fuhrer tells a story about the blue jays and squirrels fighting for the peanuts he puts out each morning, adding that woodpeckers enjoy peanuts as well, but prefer them shelled and crushed into smaller pieces.

As Fuhrer completes his transaction and heads out the door, more customers enter and begin to browse the shelves and displays.

So begins a day at Wild Birds Unlimited.

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