How to Generate Buzz for Your Startup Product


You’ve created the next big thing. It’s going to change the world. The only problem is that the world doesn’t know about it just yet. Sometimes the most difficult part of product development is not the creation process or product development, it’s the marketing. There’s no denying that generating a buzz about a new product or company is challenging, but there are a number of best practices out there that can get you started on the path to success.

Get started early

The best way to ensure that you reach a wide range of potential customers is to start promoting your product early in its development, so you’re not left scrambling when the product actually hits the market. Luckily, in today’s digital age, there are a number of ways that you can do this without breaking your budget. Get started as early as possible, and anchor all of your efforts in a marketing plan that can keep you focused to get results.

Request marketing materials

If you are partnering with a manufacturer to launch your product, chances are that marketing materials already exist. Contact your manufacturer or product distributor and request copies of the materials to utilize in your own marketing efforts. They should be more than willing to provide these materials to you, as they have a stake in your product as well! Leveraging existing materials, even if you’re going to be developing something more customized, can help support early promotional efforts.

Social media

Consider developing an online presence for your business on social media channels. You don’t need to be everywhere at once; it’s good practice to keep it simple with a Twitter account or a Facebook page if you’re just getting started with social media. It’s important to remember that social media should be more about building relationships and less about self-promotion.

So you want to make sure that you are actually sharing meaningful content and connecting with people, rather than exclusively posting updates on your product. If relationship building is your goal, you’ll have a team of loyal friends and customers online by the time your product hits the market! Social media is a great way to build a street team and get people excited about acting as formal or informal brand ambassadors.


If you already have a business website, think about creating a blog on your site in the early stages of product development. Businesses that blog regularly tend to have sites that rank better in search engines, making products much easier for customers to find on the web. Several studies have also shown that businesses that blog regularly attract more leads through their websites. Remember to post meaningful content that is valuable for potential customers, as well as information about your new product. The goal here is two-fold: to build a loyal audience by creating value for them, and promoting your products and services.

Outreach to your network

You probably already have some favorite blogs in your industry. Why not reach out to those bloggers to see if they would be willing to review your new product? Consider providing them incentives such as a free product, lifetime discount, etc. Bloggers also love to host giveaways and competitions via their blog. It helps drive traffic and build their following. Reach out and suggest that your product could be used as a prize in a giveaway to their audience. You can also consider hosting a competition or giveaway via your own blog if you have a large following.  But using your network can help you multiply your reach quickly.

Getting the word out about your product can be the most challenging part of the process, but there are a number of ways to ensure success. The Internet has opened many doors for businesses that are looking to reach a wide range of potential customers. Consider marketing your product online via social media and your blog, and reach out to your network.

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