Milk Jug Notifies You When Milk Goes Bad

What if you didn’t have to wait to taste the spoiled milk on your Cheerios in the morning to know your milk had gone bad? What if the milk jug could tell you itself? Now it can.

Called the Milkmaid, the clear glass jug monitors the pH balance of a liquid such as milk and sends the owner a text message indicating that the milk has spoiled. The base designed for the jug uses red and green indicator lights in order to alert the owner that the milk is good or bad when they open the fridge. The lights also offer a second visual indicator when the amount of milk in the jug drops.

In addition to helping the Milkmaid owner avoid drinking rotten milk, text messages are also sent when the jug is completely empty. This could be ideal to automatically alert the head of the household to pick up a quart of milk on the way home from work.

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