Luxury Movie Theater Business

The other day I posted about movie theaters beginning to offer more than just movies. I was just reminded of an idea from 2004 of a luxury cinema business by Dan Sherman:

Why not create a cinema experience for the well-to-do? Build a one screen theater (or renovate one of the old downtown style theaters), put luxurious leather, reclining seats in it that are spaced nicely so you’re not sharing elbow room with a pathetic, smelly guy next to you. Then charge a flat fee per person and all refreshments are free. If you charged $25, $30, $35 a head (whatever the market would bear), you could make out like a bandit because your overhead would be much smaller (don’t need 16 year olds with an attitude getting people their $7 Reeces bags). Just have a very classy (and immaculately clean) self serve refreshment bar where your customers can grab some candy, popcorn, coke… whatever they need for the show.

Photo by Chepe Nicoli/ShutterStock.

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