There’s Money in Buffalo Meat


CNN Money:

Dan O’Brien, the owner of a 3,200-acre ranch in Rapid City, S.D., had been raising a few buffalo with his wife since 1997. But the hobby was proving costly.

“We wanted to make this a better place for our (buffalo) herds,” said the 64-year-old, a wildlife biologist. “The way to do that was to play the business card.”

Dan decided to farm buffalo for commercial consumption.

His company is Wild Idea Buffalo. They will sell you 1/4 of a grass fed, free range, buffalo for $10 per pound! I have no idea if that buffalo price is low or high, but compared to grass fed beef, it’s high.

Their marketing material should give you some idea who they’re targeting:

It’s difficult to enjoy meat with a clear conscience. Today’s modern industrialized cattle production is destructive to the land, cruel to the animals, and produces unhealthy food. Wild Idea Buffalo Company offers a delicious and sustainable alternative. By aligning our actions with nature, we restore health to the prairies, health to the animals and health to ourselves.

Our buffalo are raised with love and respect. They are harvested with dignity in the pastures they graze. The buffalo are field dressed in a mobile abattoir on the prairie, operated by Sustainable Harvest Alliance. The carcasses are transported to Wild Idea’s new processing facility and turned into fine, prime buffalo cuts by skilled artisan butchers. By following nature’s circle of life, we help restore the link between the land, the animals, and the people.

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