What Is An Effective Recruitment Strategy For Entrepreneurs?

Recruitment and Selection

Sooner or later a successful entrepreneur with aspirations for growth will need to recruit staff as part of their business expansion. With business confidence returning, it seems growth and expansion plans may well be on the agenda for many entrepreneurs in the new financial year.

However, identifying the right candidates can be a costly process for any small business owner. An entrepreneur will be mindful that they need to keep their outgoings firmly under control whilst ensuring they find the individual best suited to help their flourishing business succeed. So how can small businesses recruit the right people?

There are some fundamental principles to follow as part of your recruitment activity:

  • Take a proactive approach and identify talented people you may wish to approach using resources including LinkedIn and other social media channels which can be extremely cost-effective at identifying the appropriate talent pool.
  • Prioritise personality and potential over specific industry knowledge as many of the attributes you are probably seeking in a prospective individual are transferable.
  • Be open-minded to offer flexible working for the right candidate wherever possible bearing in mind that is now often perfectly plausible to work remotely without compromising productivity and effectiveness.
  • Be prepared to offer a competitive salary package relevant to the industry knowledge a candidate can demonstrate.

Following these simple guidelines should be just the job for any entrepreneur, so good luck!

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