Invention Tells When Your Dog Needs To Go Outside

MyFox Phoenix:

Letting the dog outside to do its business can be a guessing game sometimes. Does the dog have to go, or not?

But a 13-year-old valley student has come up with a high-tech way for dogs to tell you exactly when it’s time.
“Odie used to have a little bit of an issue…”

Odie is Nick Planidan’s dog.

“He would know. He would try to tell us he had to go outside but we wouldn’t always know,” says Planidan.

When Odie would mess in the house, Nick was the one to clean up after him.

That’s when Nick decided Odie needed a better way to warn him when he needed to be let out. So like any teenager he turned to his cell phone and created the “Doggie Detector.”

“The dog will press this pad here and then it will send a signal to your cell phone and it will give you a message saying your dog has to go outside,” he says.

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