The Self-Employed Archeologist

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An archaeologist from Wallsend [UK] has unearthed an innovative new business idea to help children and adults get a taste of North East history.

Archaeosoup Productions aims bring the region’s heritage to life through a blend of digital media production, educational talks and enthralling workshops.

The firm was launched by Durham University archaeology graduate Marc Barkman-Astles and has quickly won contracts with customers including Northumberland Scouts and North Tyneside Council to provide digital learning materials and activities.

Barkman-Astles said: “Given the slowdown in the construction industry and the reduction in academic funding, archaeology job opportunities are thin on the ground, therefore having finished my contract I decided self-employment was my best option.

When I originally saved this article for publication, I only skimmed it, so I thought that Archaesoup was a restaurant, run by an archeologist, that made and sold historical soups and other food. If the educational stuff doesn’t pan out, I’m sure the historic food business will.

Maybe he can find a recipe or two on this site. Here’s what they ate in Shakespearean times:

“In general terms, the foodstuffs enjoyed in sixteenth-century England were almost identical to those of the medieval period. Roast and boiled meat, poultry, fish, pottages, frumenty, bread, ale, wine and to a much lesser extent, fruit and vegetables, formed the basis of the diet of the upper classes.

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