The Millionaire’s Haircut


Where does the millionaire go when he needs his $125 shave or his $650 haircut? He raps his secret knock on a nondescript gray door in midtown Manhattan to enter the world of Hommage Atelier.

The luxury men’s grooming salon has dozens of locations in hotels and department stores around the globe, but the New York spot is the only one that is free-standing.

And it’s a paradise for men who like to primp, providing services such as haircuts, shaving, and manicures for men in a XY-chromosome-only environment replete with the latest technology, products infused with diamonds, and exclusive liquors.

“The clientele we’re going after is accustomed to five-star hotels, first-class flights, the best of the best,” said Tom Wilscam, CEO and founder of Hommage. “So we want to provide an environment here at Hommage that fits their lifestyle.”

Ok, I made up the bit about the secret knock.

Photo by Artmim/ShutterStock.

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