Tablet Technology Trends to look out for in 2014


Mere years ago the thought of watching videos, sharing files and creating documents on a large, portable touch-screen was out of this world. Now we seem to carry those thin, sleek contraptions everywhere we go. If you’re always on the lookout for the next big thing, hold onto your avatar’s hat because there are some great predictions for tablet technology trends this year.

Size Does Matter

It may seem obvious, but for a while it seemed mobile phones were getting smaller and smaller, so small in fact, that we’d be using toothpicks to press the keys. When touch displays were introduced into the commercial mobile phone market, it was only logical that more space meant more convenience and easier use. With the approach of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 mobile phone release, which boasts a 5.1 inch screen and the newly coined term ‘phablet’, it’s clear our screens are only going to keep growing in size.

Screens on Your Wrist, in Your Glasses; Screens Everywhere…

Taking tablet technology to new heights, we predict wearable devices are going to crash the 2014 technology market this year. Whether it’s a fitness band, a smartwatch or smartglasses, the big technology buffs are looking to make our devices even more accessible. Phone, wallet, keys, electronic wearable device… soon it’ll just be an extra thing you can’t leave the house without!

it’s What’s on the Inside That Counts

Software updates are going to be super impressive this year. Think faster internet connection, faster browsing, clearer pictures, easy user interface – it’s all possible and all very likely to happen this year. As a passionate technologically-driven society we have grown an unquenchable thirst for greater smartphones, faster tablets and devices that last. Software is the key to creating a useable, functional tablet designed for total convenience. This is one of the largest trends we predict will dominate the technology sector in 2014.

no More Waiting

‘There’s an app for that’ – the general slogan for anyone living in the tablet and telecommunication age. Applications or ‘apps’ are being created for almost everything we could possibly need. From simple entertainment games to recipes, weight loss and horoscopes, there is literally an application for all of life’s challenges. Taking this a step further, we predict restaurants, bars and hotels will use tablet technology for instant ‘check-ins’, drink orders and meal orders. You will even be able to review your bill while you’re mid-meal! Split your bills via online banking right at the table. ‘One bill per table’ will soon be just a horrible nightmare of the past.

Whatever the year 2014 has to offer in tablet technology, at com2 we’re incredibly excited for what is to come.

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