3 Ways to Attract More Graduates to Your Business

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There are more and more graduates entering the job market year-on-year, and this means that, now more than ever, employers have a fantastic opportunity to attract the right people to their business. Unfortunately, many employers don’t know how to engage graduates in the first place, and that makes getting them through the door for an interview virtually impossible. Don’t worry though; there are some great ideas that are sure to bring graduates flooding in. Here are three of the best.

You Need to Be Stylish

Graduates don’t want their first experience of work to be in old-fashioned office filled with stuffy furniture and low-tech computers. If you want to stand a chance of attracting graduates, you’ll need to modernise. Go open-plan, break down the compartments and introduce an open seating plan so that it’s easier for your employees to work collaboratively. Purchase some stylish furniture and a few interesting room features and get rid of the grey carpet – this isn’t the 90s. Aquariums are a good place to start, and these can be purchased easily enough from places such as All Pond Solutions. Bare wood floors and minimal designs are more appropriate these days, and are easier to clean too, so there’s a practical advantage to having a stylish-looking office.

High Tech Thinking

It’s all well and good that your office looks appealing, but if your company’s ideas and methods are old fashioned, you’re not going to convince any young university leavers to come and work for you. Smart use of technology is a great way of getting people to pay interest. Even little things make a difference, so why not try placing speakers around your office. Make them wireless using Apple’s Airplay or a similar system, and allow your workers to add to a Spotify playlist so that the music that gets played is collaborative.

Rapid Progression and Incentives

Students might just have been released from a learning environment and think that it’s a good thing, but what they don’t realise is that most of them crave learning. Therefore, you can do your business a favour by ensuring that progression up through your company is swift, and that you promote from within. Rewarding your most capable employees in this way will have surprising marketing consequences, as news will likely travel fast amongst the graduate community.

So there you have it, some of the best ways to attract graduates to your business. If you’ve been struggling, follow some of these ideas and, before you know it, you’ll be flooded with graduates.

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