Niche Product: Pit In

For anyone that has ever worried about leaving their bicycle unprotected and out-of-view, an inventor has created a new desk just for you. Known as the “Pit In,” this desk is made specifically for you to park your bike. According to Daily Mail, you just use the bicycle seat to sit while you work.

It means workers can ride into the office and remain seated on their saddle for the entire day.

Side platforms allow them to rest their feet on either side of the desk while they tap away at their computer as usual.

But you’ll need to work extra hard to afford one – the Pit In, which measures 28 inches long, 35 inches deep and 45 inches high, is sold online for a whopping £4,000.

The indoor version is made of plywood but designer Daisuke Ito, 38, also plans to release a steel version for use outside.

Photo from Store Muu

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