Bin There, Store That


In the bitter catalog of inconveniences associated with moving, finding boxes barely deserves a mention: Compared to changing addresses and forwarding mail, switching phones and looking for the best supermarket, finding cardboard packing cartons is pretty minor. Still, whether one decides to buy brand new boxes from U-Haul or simply scavenges leftovers from the local liquor store, gathering containers is a vital — if irritating — necessity.

Having moved several times, Stephanie LeBlanc found the perfect solution to the box problem: Over the years, she gathered a collection of reusable plastic bins that enabled her to pack her things with minimal fuss. But when she recently relocated to Hoboken N.J., she faced a problem: there was no room in her new apartment for her trusty plastic crates. Deciding that she was ready to stay put for a while, she put them up for sale on the Internet, where she discovered that she wasn’t the only person with a box problem: “I was surprised to find other people doing the same thing. In fact, there was a large community of people asking for boxes or selling boxes.”

The pair’s company, Bin There, Store That, has grown primarily via word of mouth. Two other companies overing the same service in different geographic locations are: Frogbox and Bungobox.

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