Grow your Property Business with a Blog


Blogs are becoming an increasingly powerful marketing tool, able to present wave after wave of opportunities to many businesses at the click of a button – and the property management market is no exception. Like many business, property agents can use the blogosphere to attract clients and give customers an insight into their business in an engaging and informative way. Read on to find out how your property business can blog its way to the top.

A smarter way to promote business

Blogging trumps traditional forms of marketing in many ways. For one, it provides a cheap and more immediate alternative to sending out flyers and promotional material. Business blogging also spares valuable time that may otherwise be wasted on attending trade shows and marketing events. Scheduling time for individual clients in between office work can be tricky to juggle – thankfully, a blog can sidestep this by engaging with clients on a weekly basis.

Clients will breed clients

As proprietor, you are likely to have many questions put to you by tenants or tradesman on a regular basis, relating to everything from maintenance and repairs to rent and these can form the topics for your blog content. By putting these queries and discussions out into the public domain, common issues within the property industry will be forever archived for future use and the more questions you answer, the more comprehensive and thoughtful your blog can become. In a manner of speaking, your current clients have the potential to attract and build your clientele so don’t miss an opportunity to answer and assist with daily client concerns.

Blogging keeps things personal

Nothing will turn your web audience off faster than writing every post in a professorial tone. Your blog posts should be targeted at potential clients at the end of the day so try to keep these people in mind. Your blog should only appear professional in the sense that you are seen to be solving the problems that your target audience may be or have experienced in the past and providing helpful solutions to these common concerns in the form of ‘How-to’ and ‘Top 10’ articles. As long as the crux of the content serves a sincere and useful purpose, the tone should aim to be fairly informal and friendly to ensure people will want to read on.

Hopefully the above tips have inspired some topics and viewpoints to help your property blog get well underway. As your property business continues to grow, it’s only natural to become more protective of your assets and the right insurance policy can offer you this peace of mind and more.

The insurance specialists at Click4quote offer competitive landlord and commercial property insurance policies which leave no stone unturned when it comes to property investment – a sensible start to your career in property management.

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