5 Tips That Will Help You Get a Start in the Construction Industry


The construction industry remains consistently strong, making it an attractive industry for school leavers, university graduates and also those looking for a career change. The construction industry offers employees security that is often unmatched in less resilient industries.

The construction industry offers a wealth of opportunities internationally including management positions at big companies like Hyundai Constructions, as well as more specialist roles in Construction Machinery, but it is highly competitive. Here are 5 tips to help you get a start in this growing industry.

Tip 1: Decide on What Type of Position You Are Aiming For

Because there is such a wide range of opportunities in the construction industry it is a good idea to start by determining what you want to do. It is best to be specific about your aims so that you can work on ensuring you have the right experience. If you take a scatter gun approach to the industry and shoot off applications in all directions, you are not likely to succeed.

Positions vary from labouring positions to high level supervisory roles. Labouring positions may include clearing the work site, digging and loading and unloading materials at the worksite. These jobs may not require a lot of training and can be an excellent entry point. Many construction workers have begun as a labourer and worked their way up the ladder. Skilled tradespeople are always in high demand. Supervisory positions or management roles will draw the highest pay but will also require the most experience and will usually require formal education.

Tip 2: Get the Education and Skills Required

The next step is to actively seek out the training and education you will need to successfully enter the industry. Efforts you make now will definitely pay dividends in the future. Relevant education and training will give you a competitive advantage when applying for positions within the industry. Training varies widely from a course in a local TAFE college to gaining a university degree.

You may also require on the job experience for higher level positions. The combination of a university degree and adequate experience will almost certainly qualify you for well-paying employment within the construction industry.

Tip 3: Go the Extra Mile

If you really want to stand out from the pack of potential entrants to the industry, you should go the extra mile and pursue extra classes in the construction field. Any extra efforts you make will show prospective employers that you are really keen.

Tip 4: Get Creative about Finding Jobs

A lot of industry jobs are filled by construction workers climbing the career ladder, so finding job openings can be tough. Go online and check out the websites of construction companies. Make phone calls to companies to ask about possible openings and even visit if you can. Go to Open Days and networking events.

Tip 5: Try Temporary Help

In order to get a leg into the industry it is worth checking out temporary help employment agencies. Although these jobs are short term, they will give you the opportunity to gain valuable industry experience.

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