Do you love golf and inventing? Project Flogton is looking for you. According to Inventor’s Digest, the project goal is to help inventors create a golf ball that will fly farther the average ball for long distance shots.

The Alternative Golf Association launched the $10,000 Longest Golf Ball Challenge to inspire inventors and engineers to add fun for players of its new game, testing under the name Project Flogton (“not golf,” backward).

The prize-winning ball will be used for long shots only, and it does not have to have dimples or otherwise look like a traditional golf ball.

It must, however, test out for 25 percent more distance for players of swing speeds of 80 to 100 mph than current USGA-approved golf balls do, and meet the criteria listed in the official rules.

Logo from Project Flogton

Originally posted by Angela Shupe on April 20, 2014 in Ideas.


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