Mobiles To Detect Anemia


Modern world, new technology, and new invention – for the undergraduates of John Hopkins biomedical engineering, what else can be more fulfilling than being able to discover an innovative method in detecting presence of anemia among women in developing countries.

HemoGlobe is the latest innovation in the health world. The invention of this device is meant to easily detect anemia. This device is intended to transform cellphones of medical practitioners into a kind of system that can accurately identify and record iron deficiency in the blood. HemoGlobe’s sensor, when positioned on the fingertip, sends out various wavelengths of light to the skin in order to assess the level of hemoglobin present in the blood. The result will immediately appear on the phone’s screen by way of color codes. These codes indicate the severity of anemia in women.

Upon detection of anemia, the patient will be asked to undergo a treatment session.

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